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CTRL ENERGY is on a journey to bring affordable, clean energy to everyone, everywhere. And we are thrilled to have you on board!

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We will collaborate with battery recycling companies as Batribox, or battery recycling branches of bigger companies like Veolia.

Our strategy is to collaborate with these companies-until we reach a critical mass-on a local level, to lower the need for logistics and handling of the cells, many have their own collecting service and or collect points.

After reaching critical mass we will integrate battery recycling as a business unit to build our own cells, for instance 01 Giga Watt of installed capacity, generates 270tons of lithium.

With LEPO you keep the battery and replace the cells only.

The crushed cells are transformed into raw material, lithium,cobalt, copper, aluminum, etc.

A used cell materials can compose up to 89% of a brand new cell.

LEPO modules has 3 components, the casing, the PCBs (electronic components) and the energy cells.

Initially the cells would be purchased from top tier manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, EVE, etc).

The BMS and all our PCB are proprietary but will be manifactured by a european PCB company, software is integrated in-house for IP protection.

The casing is 3D printed in our automated modular micro-factory. Each module of our production has a 09K Units/month.

Assembly and testing will be done in house by robotic arms.

Since inception, we bootstrapped and self-funded the ideation, technology and prototyping and validation stages.

We closed a SAFE deal in 07/23 with Founders Factory to move from TRL5 to TRL8.

Today (02/2024) we have around 100K€ cash in bank.

We are very frugal and strategic in our approach to face any potential market change.

Carefully selecting each expense to maximize the impact, we are now burning around 5K€/month (and working around 18h/Day).

I joined REMA in 2009, as shareholder and COO, the company was a generalist industrial electric equipment supplier with 18 employees and 2 million in turnover.

But the company had a flat to negative YOY growth rate mainly caused by the activity: Too much SKUs, low margin, high dead stocks and a broad competition.

I refocused on energy storage, with a core team of 6 people, outsourcing mainly the support functions with one in-house stakeholder, except for marketing.

I took the CEO position in 2012, Adlane (my now co-founder) joined as CTO, after 2 years as the head of prototyping for Raytheon.

We clouded all out IT infrastructure with top-notch CRM & ERP, built a clear product portfolio with exclusivity contracts on some geographies and fields, a dealers network and introduced the notion of service and engineering that helped us to target Telcos and Datacenters in addition to Utilities Oil & Gas and industrial.

At the peak (2017) the company had 65 million in revenue and 23 employees.

We exited in 2019.

In B2B our sweet spots are electricity providers, telcos and construction/ real estate.

These 3 segments have massive internal needs but can also serve as distributors (B2B2C), that’s the strategy we are pursuing in our PoC.

We also identified banks, insurances and data centers as big passive power consumers.

This production method is aligned with our values, produce locally and on demand where LEPO is needed, preventing unnecessary shipping and logistics.

With 3D printing, AI vision and robotics we designed a modular, automated, micro-factory that can run 24/7.

Each line is mounted inside a 40 feet container, cost 59K€ and can produce 9K unit per month.

Each new line added to the factory or installed on site is amortized after 10 days of operations! 

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